The Boudoir Experience | Post Session Interview - Guelph, ON

A photographer rarely gets to experience first hand the excitement, nerves, and perspective of being in front of the camera. That is why we find it so refreshing and insightful when clients give feedback, and talk a little bit about what they felt as part of their photographic experience. Chelsea was gracious enough to share her boudoir experience. She talks about her feelings leading up to and during her boudoir session, shooting with a male boudoir photographer, and why it’s important to print your photos in an album!


The Post Boudoir Q&A

What were your reasons for doing a boudoir session?

Alex is a friend of mine and had posted on his IG story that he was looking for some people to model for him to build up his intimate/boudoir portraiture for his portfolio. I wanted to help him out and also thought that doing a boudoir session might be a good way to build up my self-esteem and my confidence and maybe make me feel good about myself at a time in my life that has been difficult and had a lot of changes! I also thought the photos could make a nice gift for someone special to me!


Were you nervous at all leading up to the session? How did it change during the shoot?

I have done one boudoir shoot before and so I was not very nervous about doing the photos. I was happy to help out a friend build up his portfolio, although I was a little nervous that my "modelling abilities" wouldn't produce nice enough photos for him to use.

I was also a little nervous about doing it with Alex, just because I wasn't sure if I would feel awkward doing these photos with a male photographer. Alex made me feel comfortable very quickly, he was patient and did not rush anything, he was very good at giving advice for outfit choices, giving direction for posing, and he gave a lot of encouragement!


How would you describe the way you felt immediately after the session? What was your reaction when you first saw your boudoir photos?

I was feeling confident and excited to see what we produced - and it was great that Alex seemed really happy and excited about it too! When he sent me the sneak peeks I was completely blown away - I think the first thing I said was "what? that is not me!!"

You ordered a beautiful album to remember your experience! Why was it important for you to have physical prints of your photos?

Having the album in your hands and seeing the photos in print is such a great part of the experience! Being able to gift photos like this to someone special in the form of an album is a great feeling. Seeing them flip through the physical pages and seeing the smile it puts on their face makes you feel even more confident about yourself and what you've created. It makes you both feel special. Creating an album with your favourite images is definitely an important part of the whole experience!


Lastly, what advice would you give to someone who is considering doing a boudoir session?

Do it! Don't worry about not being " good enough " or " pretty enough " - be as confident as you can be, trust your photographer and listen to their direction and your photos will show the best and most beautiful version of you! Get advice from your photographers on "outfit" choices and how many you can have, but also make sure you get something that really feels like you! Whether its a certain style or colour choice - whatever it is that is going to make you feel confident and feel like yourself! Don't forget about jewelry too - I absolutely love jewelry - especially earrings with my short hair - and so I made sure to incorporate that into my outfits/session! Last piece of advice, invest in hair/makeup for your shoot - it will be one less thing for you to stress about having to do yourself and will make you feel even more confident and comfortable for your session and you will love the results!

Don’t Hesitate!

No matter who you are, how you think you look, and where you are in life, know that you are beautiful and loved. Life is crazy with its highs and lows. Sometimes you just need to be reminded how beautiful and strong you are. That’s where your boudoir session comes in! Let’s talk! I’d love to get to know you better to see how we can make this a fun, empowering, and exciting experience!