A little bit about me

I have a passion for photography and art making. I’m currently in the Studio Art program at the University of Guelph, specializing in photography and digital media. I have a soft spot for all things vintage, and love summer above any other season. I’m half Filipino, half Canadian, but most people can never tell! It’s important to me to let my ethnic heritage shine, so you’ll often catch me cooking adobo or eating hopya. I’ve had a passion for tennis ever since I was younger, and teach at the local tennis club during the summer seasons.

One of the things I love most about my job is that I get the opportunity to work with people. I love getting to know the people I photograph, because I feel that it is an essential part in making the subject feel comfortable and at ease. I own and operate this photography business with my wife Ariana. Although I have my own photography practice aside from our wedding photography, we both strive to bring joy and happiness into others lives through pictures. Nice to meet ya!


And here’s my other half!

Meet my lovely wife Ariana. She is the beauty, brains, and muscle behind Ariana del Mundo Photography. She spearheads our wedding photography, and just about everything else in the business. She introduced me to the art of photography shortly after we were married. Things just took off from there. This amazing woman made me into the man I am today, and I would be nothing without her.